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New Harry Potter story released; Internet responds the way it does

Apparently, Rowling released a new short story detailing what's been going on in with the members of Dumbledore's Army for the last whatever decade. It can be found on Pottermore, though you have to join the site to read it. Also, people are calling this a short story, but it's kinda thin, honestly. Rita Skeeter and Ginny Potter née Weasley are doing a play by play of the Quidditch World Cup, with Skeeter focusing on Potter & Co, and Ginnie actually doing her job. (I find it hard to imagine Skeeter being the first choice for sports journalism in any world, but whatever.) Frankly, the whole thing reads like those epilogues at the end of a romance series, where all the couples from the previous books all hang out and demonstrate how in love they all are. Also, the teenage kids of some of the DA are playing footsie. So, gag a little. 


But! The enterprising folk at HappyPlace have put together some book covers for the further adventures of Harry Potter, Mortgage-Having Square Like the Rest of Us. Observe:


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