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You kids get off my lawn. 

10 Things About Me

You know, because everyone's doing it. 


1. I am allergic to sweet potatoes. (This may not be a true allergy, but some kind of weird sensitivity. My grandfather had the same reaction, and as far as I understand, allergies aren't heritable exactly.) My parents discovered this when we were camping in Canada when I was four months old. They were convinced I was going to die when my head started spinning around as I projectile vomited, but then they were new parents. It is a pretty violent reaction, but thankfully sweet potatoes are not ubiquitous like peanuts, so I've successfully avoided them my adult life.  


2. I think of myself as an introvert, but I'm a real borderline case.


3. I'm an atheist. My coming to atheism was pretty soft. I just slowly realized that the Christian moral universe makes zero sense to me. For a long time I called this agnosticism because I would avow the wonder of all creation, etc, but seeing the beauty of the universe is not belief in a deity, and belief in a deity is not a prerequisite for seeing the beauty of the universe. Nobody in my family is particularly religious so it's not a big deal, and I don't feel antagonistic about it. 


4. I was born on Easter Sunday. My great-grandmother was born on Easter Sunday one hundred years before me. I have her name as my middle name.


5. Due to my dad's lifelong interest in various astrologies, I can do numerological charts based on a person's birthday and name. I find the way Numerology conceptualizes the psyche fascinating, though like my atheism, I don't strictly believe in it. Of course the patterns of numbers that quantify my existence do not qualify me. That said, it's still a fun parlor trick, and if you get me drunk enough, I'll do your chart. 


6. My dog, a border collie named Roopy, is at least 16 years old. (We got her as an adult, so we don't really know her age; she could be older.) She's the oldest dog I've ever had. She's doing remarkably well, but due to some seriously unfortunate-to-my-carpets intestinal problems, I've begun cooking her dog food out of beans and rice and stuff. I'm slightly embarrassed about this - first world problems, yo - but I'd like her remaining time to be good. She's such a good girl.  


7. My cat, a tortoiseshell named Grendel, has heterochromia iridum: two different colored eyes. She has one brown eye and one yellow eye. She wasn't born this way, but developed it due to a condition akin to liver spots that darkened one of her irises. The condition doesn't hurt, nor does it affect her sight. 


8. I did an exchange to the USSR, to Minsk specifically, in the spring of 1991. In August, the failed coup that broke up the country occurred. On the trip was my ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend at the time. This could have been awkward, given the stress of the situation and the fact we were all teenagers, but Alexis ended up being one of my best friends 4ever. A lot of other crazy shit happened on that trip, but that's probably the coolest. 


9. I did a semester in London my last year of college. My now husband and I had just started dating, and I have both sides of a very voluminous correspondence over the four months apart. It's pretty cute, partially because there's no way I'd do that shit now what with email and texting and instant messaging. Letter writing is dead, alas.  


10. On that same trip, I went to visit both Marx's grave and Freud's house. Marx's grave is in Highgate cemetery, which is very fucking cool even without his corpse. Freud only lived in London for something like 11 months - the Nazis drove him out of Vienna as he was dying of cancer - so the house isn't the Freud house, but all of his stuff is there: the famous couch, his collection of funerary items which influenced his theories. I'll have to find Nietzsche's grave or something, so I can see all of the Big Trinity of Modernist Theorists.