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You kids get off my lawn. 

Ice T unintentionally narrated a Dungeons & Dragons audiobook because lololol

So this podcast is super long, but the funny stuff is front-loaded in the first maybe 10 minutes. It includes the personal recollections of Ice T when he was sent by his agent to read an audiobook. Turns out, it was a D&D novella. Ice wasn't so into the whole Pegasus/Pegasi thing. "Motherfuckers talk like Yoda." 


I'm a huge fucking fan of Ice T because of Tank Girl. He plays a reincarnated kangaroo thing. It's pretty much the best ever. 


Ice T as a ripper in Tank Girl



The thing he says that makes me steeple my fingers together evilly is this: "Let me read some porno or something. I know about that." Gilbert Gottfried reading 50 Shades was dope, but Ice reading it would be the dopest. Can you even imagine?


What I can't pie chart. 100% is even.