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Something More Than Night by Ian Tregillis

This is a link to the (quite good) Kirkus review of Ian Tregillis's new book, an angelic noir called Something More Than Night. I heard Tregillis read the opening chapter maybe 2 years ago at Bubonicon (though likely it's changed). Lots of urban fantasy uses the Noir ornament - dusters and casual misogyny, crime-kings and hard-boiled detectives - but so rarely does urban fantasy pick up on the idiomatic language of the Noir. Tregillis taps into all the old slang and dialect of the noir, and it's pretty neat to hear. 


Bogart blowing smoke in Maltese Falcon


Spoiler alert: Ian and I are friends, enough so that I'm going to go ahead and make fun of that b&w photo there in the article. 

Source: http://www.kirkusreviews.com/features/best-books-2013-ian-tregillis-writes-angelic-noir