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You kids get off my lawn. 

Three Little Mermaids - Mara Van Fleet Recently as I was putting the girl to bed, I asked if she wanted to take one of the pop-up books, the fancy Matthew Reinhart and Robert Sabuda kind, into bed with her. No, she said, I'll only wreck it. I'm not sure where she got this squeamishness, because I've always been a proponent of handing kids books they love, whether they wreck them or not. I guess she knows on some weird level how absolutely destructive she is.

Anyway, this book is the answer to the too-young-and-destructive for pop-up books question. There's a bunch of them, like Tails, which are board-bookish, with flaps to pull, textures to feel, and cute doggerel that doesn't really need to be read. Three mermaids have a tea-party. They count out sea creatures and rhyme. They are adorable. Slightly older-aimed than something like Where Is Baby's Belly Button?, this book is girlish without being pastel puke, which makes me love it even more.