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A Meeting at Corvallis - S.M. Stirling I was a little worried that this book was going to wander off and not tie up the loose ends of the previous two, but Stirling does a nice job of ending the series. The pacing is a little choppy; I find myself wondering why we're spending so much time describing birds and horses and stuff when I know, I can feel it in my bones, that the protagonists are going to get set upon by brigands or whatever. Less talk, more rock, please.

I also found myself wishing that we'd gotten more of the Bad Guy's whole oeuvre, although maybe I'd regret it with all the monologuing about evil, etc. Bad Guys are something of a sticky wicket in literature. Other than historical figures, most of us never really meet someone in life who is finger-steeplingly evil. The people we dislike and who are mean to us are usually garden variety jerks, a-holes and people with their own problems. Bad Guys are often bad guys simply because they are bad guys.

Although maybe that's the thing. Evil is often so banal (to borrow a phrase) as to be dramatically uninteresting. You have to dress it up with pointy hats and lidless eyes so you don't die of boredom.

I digress. Enjoyable ass-kicking, with a nice dose of end-of-the-world.