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You kids get off my lawn. 

Dies the Fire - S.M. Stirling I read this book in a Sunday haze of not doing the laundry and letting the kids forage Cheerios out of the couch cushions. What a thoroughly good time.

Set after the Change, a flash of light after which no gunpowder or electronics work, the story focuses on two groups of people who survive the mass die-off of humanity once all of our excellent toys are broken. Although slightly junky, the science is mostly there to set up a world where modern people are faced with medieval living conditions, but not a medieval mind-set.

I don't know if it's a hangover from the whole fin de millennium thing, but who doesn't love the end of the world? Stories like The Road and I am Legend feed some sort of cultural death-wish or personal ego-maniacal idea that we would somehow be the ones who survive. And while I'm personally sure that I'd end up snacks for cannibal bandits or similar, it's fun to dream.