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Unlocking the Air and Other Stories - Ursula K. Le Guin I really enjoyed reading this collection. I feel all dreamy and thoughtful, like I've been at the ocean. Not like a day at the beach, with ice cream and swimming and making animals out of sand, but a day at the ocean, a North Pacific day, overcast, nothing to do but count waves and consider the quality of the tides. I don't live by the sea. It makes me think of the line (here is me looking it up) "Where is the sea, that once solved the whole loneliness/ of the Midwest?" by James Wright, trapped in Minneapolis in the poem, considering the quality of rivers.

Not every story works, but they work together the way a good collection ought. Some are orphaned, glancing things, like a half-thought, like little characters that bubble in a writer's mind and demand some paper, like a series of dependent clauses in search of grammar. But you still know what I mean. Enjoyable, like napping or staring into space.