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So Many Bunnies: A Bedtime ABC and Counting Book - Rick Walton, Paige Miglio An “old woman who lived in a shoe” story, only without the attendant child abuse and malnutrition. A mama rabbit puts her twenty-six bunnies to bed, in different, often funny locations all over her shoe-house and grounds. They, naturally, have names that start with each letter of the alphabet: “1 was named Abel. He slept on the table.” We had this checked out of the library so long that I finally just had to break down and buy a copy. The kids think it's brilliant.

While the drawings are somewhat cute-and-pastel for my taste, they are still energetic and filled with clever details. The best thing is the artist's sense of location. As each bunny is put to bed, you see the house from another angle, often glimpsing into an area already seen. If I had time and inclination, I feel like I could map the house accurately, which is super groovy. All twenty-six bunnies are distinct, and often have discernible personalities. Of course, in our house the favorite bunny is Matbox, who slept in the cat-box. It's possible this is just an unauthorized local remix, and can't be found in the published edition.