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Star Wars on Trial: Science Fiction And Fantasy Writers Debate the Most Popular Science Fiction Films of All Time - David Brin, David Brin, Richard Garfinkle, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Tanya Huff Super loosey-goosey and almost lazy, but fun if you're into this sort of thing. The format is a trial, with moderators David Brin and some Freaking Dork as the prosecution and defense. They call various writerly types to pen essays on such topics as "While Claiming Mythic Significance, Star Wars Portrays no Admirable Religious or Ethic Beliefs" or "Woman in Star Wars are Portrayed as Fundamentally Weak." Arguments ensue. These titles kill me, they're so funny. The Freaking Dork make several thousand bad puns.

Those are maybe two of the more interesting topics, as I found myself yawning through the section on whether Star Wars has dumbed down scifi as a whole. (For instance, did you know that serious science fiction writers - I'll pause for laughter here, go ahead - prefer their work to be labeled as SF or SF/F? No? That's because no one outside of the genre gives a hoot whether you're a trekkie or a trekker when they're giving you a wedgie and stealing your lunch money.) (Personally, I always preferred trekkie.)

Star Wars is like politics for Xers, meaning you probably shouldn't discuss it at dinner parties lest you run afoul of deeply held beliefs. I thoroughly enjoyed the seriousness with which the various writers tackled their essays. Bloviating that "it's just a movie" misses the point that Star Wars is a huge huge huge cultural event that aims to say something. What that something is is a matter of debate.