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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Vol. 1 - Kevin O'Neill, Alan Moore My only experience with Alan Moore's work was through the movie adaptations and interviews when something new came out. He always completely disowned the film adaptations, and with good reason. My husband and I both watched the film version of this graphic novel, and both of us thought we'd fallen asleep or been abducted by aliens or something, because we could never remember the ending. So we rent it again, watch it, and two days later, I think I've slept though the ending again, because it was so damn stupid that it didn't stick.

Darker and more playful, The League of Extraordinary Gentleman follows the exploits of Victorian madmen and monsters as they try to save Queen and Country from Chinamen, machine guns and air-bombing zeppelins. Alan Quartermaine is found in an opium den in Egypt, the Invisible Man is raping girls in an orphanage, Mina Harker wears a red scarf. Men are always laughing about the frailty of ladies and the empire is probably not to be trusted. Thickly urban, the kaleidoscope of people and experience puts a lie to the colonial stories of the white male conqueror leaving a capital of whiteness, the center of London, and single-handedly subduing native peoples. This book is the punk in steampunk.