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Zero History - William Gibson I heard Gibson read the first chapter of this last night, which makes me all hungry to ditch what I'm reading - even though I like what I'm reading - and read this right now. I find I have this problem always: too many books, not enough time. Gibson was a great speaker, although not a imposing presence: rail-thin, tall, with a mild lisp and a quiet voice. He doesn't meet your eyes.

He was asked a lot about whether he feels all fancy and wonderful for coming up with the term "cyberspace", and was suitably awesome when he laughed that off. I feel like maybe he used the term "patina of anachronism" when he talked about what happens to any future narrative the second the ink dries, the way any future vision inexorably become quaint and wrong. I love this. He's quotable as hell, and I found myself writing down sentences as he spoke. When I find my purse, I'll type some out.