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You kids get off my lawn. 

Orange Pear Apple Bear - Emily Gravett A truly lovely little children's book about the pleasures of punctuation, specifically the comma. No, no, come back! Jeez, it's not that bad. The four words of the title are repeated and rearranged, with sweet watercolor sketches as illustrations.

Mid-book there's a page with the words "Apple, pear", and a sketch of a pear atop an apple. The next is "Orange bear" with - of course! - an orange bear. I love me a sight gag, and a sight gag based on punctuation is the bee's knees. The "pear bear" with a giant green pear-shaped butt blushed with pink is particularly nice.

The book is for the very young, and when the girl was learning to talk, she loved to repeat the four words of this book with their odd poetry. This is the kind of book I wish were longer, while knowing that brevity and minimalism is its perfect soul. Maybe Emily Gravett will come out with another one about the grocer's apostrophe.