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Fabian Escapes - Peter McCarty You know what's annoying? I didn't know this was a sequel before I read it twice in rapid succession at bedtime tonight, howling with laughter, and then came down to enthuse all over the Internet about this book. Why doesn't anyone tell me these things? Also, how often do one's kids demand she read a book again, right away, right now? Not often.

Dog and cat pair, Fabian and Hondo are hanging out in the morning. After Hondo (the dog) has his morning walk, Fabian (the cat) escapes out the window. Good lawd, I haven't laughed so much about so few sentences in a long time. Fabian takes some time to smell the flowers, and then eats them! Hondo takes some time to smell the butter up on a counter, and then eats it! Fabian meets some friends - a pack of dogs - and they are happy to play chase with him! Fabian spends the rest of the day under the porch!

Maybe it's just having a cat and a dog, but the understatement and true-to-lifeness were absolutely perfect. McCarty's art is instantly recognizable - I really like his Little Bunny on the Move - and it really works here. So you can see for yourself, here is Fabian's titular escape:

Fabian jumping out a window

I wish this were bigger, but you get the idea. I think it's pen and ink - or maybe charcoal? - and the animals have a sort of puffy, glowing-from-the-inside look about them - stumpy legs, gravity-defying movement. When Fabian rolls in the dirt, total cuteness. Squee!

I'm very impressed by how adorably funny this is, and I will be checking out Hondo and Fabian post haste.