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What Was I Scared Of?: A Glow-in-the Dark Encounter - Dr. Seuss Look, I know this is a stunt book, cut out as it was from The Sneetches and Other Stories, and adding in glow-in-the-dark bits to make it seem new and sparkly for whatever it is we are calling the upcoming generation. So four stars, but I still loved this.

This story honestly scared the pants off of me - get it? get it? - when I was a kid. Pants should not walk! All creepy and empty like that. It's got one of those motherless children as a protagonist that you find in so many Seussian stories, out to pick a peck of snide in the dark forests, on errands both inexplicable and compulsive. But then he - or possibly she - keeps meeting up with empty pale green pants with nobody inside them.

Seussian protagonist menaced by empty pants


I bought this for the girl for Christmas, because she likes the kind of scary, and I love the Seuss. The stunt here works. I would read, and then hold the page up to the light, and she would flip the switch in the room plunging it into darkness and the soft glow of the pants, and the moon. The story worried her, the way it is bound to, but the interludes of standing into the light and controlling the dark cut the fear. The stunt gave us something to do, something to wonder at.

Forget it. Five stars. This is a really good package on something that is already compelling. Doesn't mean you shouldn't check out the Sneeches if you haven't already. That book is solidly amazing, not partially because you can cut one small story out of it and have it stand whole and stunted, and still have it work.