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Worm - Tim Curran Cross-posted on Readerling

A gross, nasty little smash-and-grab about toilet monsters, and absolutely as fun as that description implies. You know, if you like nasty body horror stuff with a queasy sexual overlay, which I do! Sometimes. Here, anyway. (Sheesh, this review is stupid so far.) One fine morning in a possibly Midwestern town, the streets all fill with black, disgusting sewage, like all the underground pipes have flushed onto the street. There's not a lot of screwing around with characterization or motivations, because really, when you're being attacked by a blubbery sludge-dripping razor-toothed worm, how much other motivation do you need?

I wasn't very into this at first because the first character you meet is one of those unemployed assholes who's dealing with his (supposed) emasculation by being a total fuckwit about his wife and dog. If it's such a chore to have someone feed and clothe you, then GTFO. But that's before I realized that this story wasn't going to be about whatever interpersonal gender blahblah, but ass-eating toilet monsters. The sludge in the streets starts bubbling up through the sinks and drains and (yay!) toilets. All the possible gross permutations of phallic sewage monsters with chainsaw-ish teeth killing people are explored, including a few that surprised me. Go toilet monsters!

an infographic of all the sandworms in fiction: the pit of Saarlac, the things from Beetlejuice, the sandworms from Dune, and the Tremors monsters

Unlike the various sandworms from fiction I can think of - and Tremors is probably the best comparison here, though that's more intentionally campy - these are sewage worms, and as such, are pretty great. I almost always think that horror novels should be shorter than they are, unless they're, like, psychological and shizz, so the brevity here is good: gross out, gross out, gross out, BIG BOSS, the end. [b:Worm|17732071|Worm|Tim Curran|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1365137284s/17732071.jpg|24806656] is apparently one in a series of horror novellas put out by DarkFuse, and I have totally put in for another novella from Netgalley (which is where I got this one.) Pulp novellas! Fun.

I'm a sucker for pulp imprints, because while they put out a lot of dross, the experimental nature of the manifesto can result in some really electric stuff. This wasn't one of the electric stuffs, for me anyway, but slogging through the sludge is part of the fun of pulp, and that's made horribly manifest here. Toilet monsters're gonna getchu!