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End of an Era - Robert J. Sawyer This book is the bossest-ass shit I've read in a long time. If you were in a dark alley, being set upon by brigands, this book would come out and round-house-kick the bad guys in the face like Chuck Norris, and then plant one on you, because you looked like you needed kissing, dollface. This book is radical, man. It's tubular. It is all that and a bag of chips. It is, as the haxors say, 31337. It pnwed your guild, Leeroy Jenkins.

Let me enumerate the ways in which it is awesome:
1. Dinosaurs.
2. Time travel.
3. The strong anthropic principle.
4. Martians.
5. Black oil shit, like in the X-Files, but this time it's blue, right?, so it's not ripped off of the X-Files at all, see?
6. Canadians. Lots and lots of Canadians. With unbelievably boss timeships named, and I am not making this up, "His Majesty's Canadian Timeship Charles Hazelius Sternberg." Hoser.

I'm considering whether I should talk about the plot at all. It's so killer that if I say anything I may ruin the wicked tubularity for you, and that would be one of the great tragedies of the world. But there's shooting with elephant guns, and Canadians, and aliens talking to Canadians, back in time, using, and this is mentioned several times, Canadian accents, and some shenanigans with a Diet Coke, and some of the most unbelievably ridiculous, I mean boss! moral and ethical dilemmas known to man, eh? You think otherwise? Round-house-kick to your face!

Even the cover is awesome. It called to me, in the library there, with its chiseled, Roma looking font, and a dinosaur chilling in front of a spaceship with two spacemans peeking out the window with a look on their faces that says, "Boss! Is that a freaking dinosaur?"

Yes sir, that is indeed a freaking dinosaur. And it will only get better from there.

WHY HAVEN'T I WRITTEN THIS REVIEW IN ALL CAPS? THAT MIGHT CONVEY THE WICKED AWESOMENESS ADEQUATELY. Okay, you're right. That will get me tagged as a troll for sure. But I wish there was a way to give this one star for, you know, reasons not mentioned in this review, and five stars for being totally bitchin' and a really good time.