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Is Being a Plagiarist an "Author Behavior"?

Proust Was a Neuroscientist - Jonah Lehrer

How 'bout this for author behavior:

Jonah Lehrer was fired from his New Yorker gig for "self-plagiarizing". Basically, he was recycling content from his books, and while I think self-plagiarism isn't as egregious as other word theft, in terms of being a professional journalist, it's something akin to fraud. The New Yorker (and other publications, such as Wired) were paying him to produce original content which he did not do. Sloppy. Shitty. Fired.

Jonah Lehrer also plagiarized from Wikipedia, the Wall Street Journal, and other sources, in addition to straight up making up quotes from Bob Dylan. He has a tenuous relationship to facts, cuts corners, and, in general, sucks at being both a science writer and a journalist.

This book has been cleared of the Lehrer's general wrongdoing. As far as anyone can tell, it does not contain the plagiarism and fabrications that his other books evidence. It has not been recalled by the publisher like literally everything else this man has written. But I'm not going to fucking read it, because this author's behavior as a science writer and a journalist are egregious.

Why should I trust this content given a pattern of recalled books, getting his ass shit-canned, and unbelievably terrible "apologies" for his fabulations? But more importantly, why should I have to shut up about this on Goodreads? Lehrer's behavior, as a writer, has been a well-documented disaster.

Come at me, bro.