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Art (Petit Connoisseur Series)

Petit Connoisseur: Art - Karen Salmansohn While I'm on a roll reviewing board books I love, this is one. I admit this one is more for parents than for 8 month olds, but those illiterates can't read anyway, so it's okay that books aimed at the illiterate, read by the literate, be a series of inside jokes and puns.

So this has pages that are titled things like Dali, and then there is a dolly with Dali's famous mustache. Or Cubism written on a tower of blocks. Or Pop! written with a pretty good approximation of Pop Art. It's not 100%, but really, are we expecting a 16 page board board to be 100%? It's cheerfully hipsterish for parents whe are still imagining they are getting to an art galley in the next 5 years. I have this long story that I'm not going to tell, where my son lost his sh!t in the local art museum. The coda is that months later, he found the brochure from the exhibit, showed it to me, and then said quietly, this makes me freak out. You and me both, kid. Who said modern art couldn't evoke a visceral response?