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My Day by Jones: the Cat's-Eye View of Alien

My Day by Jones: the Cat's-Eye View of Alien - Anne Billson A Jones the cat from Alien fanfic. Like you do.

A friend of mine from facebook - I mean, I know him irl, but I haven't seen him in years, even though we live in the same city, so our main interactions are on the Book of Face - dropped me a link to this Smashwords story after I posted the observation that Jones is the only character in the Alienverse to live out its life more or less naturally. (Presumably, anyway. He makes it back to Earth with Ripley, and cameos in Aliens before she heads off to LV 426. Maybe he gets hit by a truck or something, but that would be naturalistic ending for a (space) cat, compared to the alienistic options.)

Anyway, it would be pretty easy to write a review longer than the story, so I'll try to rein in my native verbosity. The story is absolutely on the nose, a scene by scene reiteration of Alien from Jonesey's point of view. The contribution to literature, as Richard pointed out, was the way Jones referred to all of the humans and synthetics - or wait, was the better term artificial person? that doesn't seem better - as can-openers. The thing I really liked about the story was a little bit at the beginning which pointed out that Jones is the excuse for all kinds of stupid horror-film wanderings off of the characters in Alien, so that Harry Dean Stanton could end up in the dripping chain room and OMG CAT REACTION SHOT NOOOO. (This has nothing to do with this story, but I love forever the interplay between Stanton and Yaphet Kotto in the film. Bonus situation! Wooo!!)

I could churlishly give this two-stars, because it's ok like a boss, but I did actively seek this out, and it did give me some tiny insight into a series of films I adore in a slightly embarrassing manner. Also, do you think that maybe Jones the cat is where Gibson got the name for Jones the junkie dolphin in the short story "Johnny Mnemonic" from Burning Chrome? Or is it just serendipity that two of my favorite fictional animals share a name? (And also, the movie of Johnny Mnemonic is hilarious. Ice-T, man. Wooo!!)