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Pete, Drinker of Blood (Part 3)

Pete, Drinker of Blood (Part 3) - Scott S. Phillips In our last installment, Pete got ready to leave town as the vampire who turned him sets up his evil plans. Complications ensue when Pete scores a date with the waitress of his dreams.

So, I never got around to reviewing Part 3 of Pete when I read it for two reasons. First, it wasn't listed in the Goodreads yet, and I am very lazy. Second, I just wasn't that into this installment of Pete. Some things happen - Pete goes on a date, and various people move around. The best thing is the introduction of the character of Pinball, so is so, so cool.

I should probably back up. This is the third installment of a serial novel by my friend Scott - there's the disclosure - with an installment published every month. The novel is planned to be eight sections long, though I truly don't know how much is plotted in advance. I suspect much is, because he's introducing us to characters and locations one after the other, setting up pieces in what feels like a deliberate manner.

Which is why, ultimately, I wasn't that into this section. Pete is still an adorable schlub, and things happen, but it felt a bit more like moving people to their places. Which is necessary and cool, don't get me wrong. When you're making a mix tape, you start with opening song bombast, and then move to a second song cool down. This is part on the mix tape where you have to find that song that bridges between the opening tone - a workaday song - something that will move you to the next big high without jangling. Having read Part 4, I'd say he was successful as hell at that, because Part 4 is YeeeeHawww!!

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