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You kids get off my lawn. 

The Original 21

I've already put the call out on Goodreads, but I'm searching for the 21 people who received emails of review and shelf deletions in the new policy change. I've gotten a lot of responses, but I know at least a couple people deleted their Goodreads accounts, and may not have seen the status update I did there. So I'm putting out the call here, because BookLikes seems to be the main destination for the Goodreads diaspora. 


I do not even get how this platform works though. As an unrelated aside, does anyone know how to batch edit my followers list to add them back in one go? It seems like I have to go through manually and add each one, and that is a monumental pain in my ass. Also, just as a minor complaint about social media, I find it very difficult to put together who is who when names and avatars are different. So I might not recognize you immediately.