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The State of Booklikes?

It's been a while -- years solidly at this point -- that I've been well and truly engaged around here. So long that it really only occurred to me sometime last month, when I was reloading the page for the umpteenth time, not sure I was going to get the stupid cloudflare whatsit again, or my BL feed, which would end two posts in in a spinning wheel, that this site is on its last legs? It wouldn't surprise me for a minute if I were to try to log on anytime in the future and just get 404'd, and that would be that. Exit BookLikes. 


It's bummer, certainly. I do enjoy dipping into the bookish chatter -- muted though it is recently -- and I like having the feeling of this community around me. I imagine the disbursal is largely underway at this point, given the technological jankiness, and that's always a melancholy period. 


More selfishly, I like having a record of the books I've read in the last seven years or so. I've always been shit for titles, and I also read a lot of interchangeable pulp before bed. The titles aren't memorable for these books, nor is anything else. There are times when I legitimately can't tell if I've read the book before based on title or description. Being able to rifle through the old BL bookshelves saved me from getting 70 pages in, exclaiming "wait just a minute here", and then having to find a new book to read on multiple occasions. 


Is anyone aware, short of copy-pasta, how to download one's bookshelf from BL? I'm not even invested in my reviews at this point -- they're largely tossed off when the mood strikes every 4-6 months -- I just want the list of books I've read. (Legit: I should just start a google doc at this point, or, heaven help me, a notebook with paper.) I would really appreciate any help in this matter.


I would also like to acknowledge that popping in after years of sporadic activity, observing the ill health of the website one is on, and then asking for help might be construed as a total dick move. Please don't take this as a swan song or a flounce. I intend to keep stopping in, logging my reading, and catching up on reviews like I have for the last years. You all are pretty great, and I've always liked the vibe around here.