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You kids get off my lawn. 


You know, it's really beginning to bug me that something like a quarter of the books I read don't even show up on booklikes. I'm not even reading weird shit by unheard of authors either, though I admit sometimes they're very newly published. I just struck out on ALL THREE books I read this week: Alternate Routes by Tim Powers (Tim Powers is pretty well known), Severence by Ling Ma (debut novel published by Macmillan, so not a small press), and You Only Love Twice by Bec McMaster (which is self-published, or close to it, but McMaster has a healthy catalog.) I'm even doing the trick where I look up the book by isbn or asin because sometimes title lookup sucks using natural language. No dice. 


I just, I don't have the patience to input every damn book I read into a site where what I'm doing, largely, is just making a record of read books.