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Magical Plurals

Shadowbound (The Dark Arts Book 1) - Bec McMaster

I really like McMaster's London Steampunk series, and it seems she's dropping a number of forays into different worlds this month. There was the Southern Gothic which was written full of broad caricatures and horrible dialect; clearly everything McMaster knows of the American South she learned from Steel Magnolias. I'm liking this more magical London much better than that, though I'm wondering if I were from London I'd feel differently. Shrug emoticon, I am not from London. 


But, even though I'm generally digging the mythology and ornament, it is legit driving me bananas how often there are apostrophes in plurals. The first time it happened, I had to really think if I was just being nitpicky, because I'm not usually too attuned to bad spelling, etc. But I've seen it maybe a half dozen times by halfway through the book. Very, very strange.