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Omnibus Wrecks

Hack/Slash: My First Maniac - Tim Seeley, Daniel Leister, Jenny Frison

This is less a review and more bitching about how annoying comics are. I've been making an effort to read more comics, which has been very rewarding. But I stayed the hell away from comics for a real long time because they have just about the most confusing collections and editions. There's the single issues, that then are often bound into 4-8 issue volumes, which are then numbered themselves. Then you have all manner of crossover or supplimental stuff, which may or may not also get bound in a volume, but then sometimes only in "special edition" volumes, which may or may not collect the same single issues as the regular, non special editions. Which means if you're, say, checking volumes out of a library, you have to be really fucking careful to get all the same kind of edition, or they get out of sync, and you have no idea what's going on. (Based on a true story.) THEN you can throw in omnibus editions, which collect up several volumes, and have all of the same annoying problems of the volumes, but super sized. 


So. This brings me to Hack/Slash. Not sure where I read about this series. It might have just been me google stalking Tim Seeley, who also writes Revival, which I love to pieces. Hack/Slash follows Cassandra Hack, who, after surviving a slasher situation, goes on the road dispensing with slashers. She's like Buffy, the trope of the helpless, hapless teen turned on its head. Great. Totally in my wheelhouse. So I order the first couple volumes from the library, only to discover that this volume, My First Maniac, IS NOT the first volume. It's a later prequel of sorts. So I go looking, and I can see exactly what happened. The librarians ordered this, then volumes 2-4, then the omnibus edition five, obviously going by the numbers in the titles and not checking to make sure they were all the exact same kind of edition. Godamn it. I can see why they got confused and fucked that up, but urg. So then I go to ILL, and literally no one in the state has ANY editions. So then I just gave up and ordered the first omnibus. Jerks. 


Anyway, this was fine, but like any origin story slash prequel done during a long running series, really is only going to be useful or successful to devotees of the series. It fulls in gaps in an existing narrative. I wasn't over the moon about the art (like I am with the cover art) but it was fine. Dude does Revival too, and I can see how he's improved. So that was cool to see, I guess. Onward to the omnibus.