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Comic Project: Princeless

Princeless Book One: Save Yourself - Jung-Ha Kim, Jeremy Whitley, M. Goodwin, Dave Dwonch

Both the kids have been stealing my comics recently, which is new because it used to be just the 12 year old. I have the sense to put up stuff like Sex Criminals when I know it's just him, but some of the stuff I'd let him read, like Chew, isn't appropriate for almost 9. She went through Nimona, and Lumberjanes, and the new Ms Marvel, and then I was like, ugh, I'm gonna hafta actually parent here. So I went to an fb group of readers and asked for suggestions, and then requested eleventy million comics for kids based on their recommendations. This is the first I read. 


Princeless volume one is cute and light and maybe a little obvious slash dumb, but a totally worthy bedtime read. A princess (who is not white, heads up) ends up stuck in a tower by her controlling dad. She makes friends with the dragon guarding the tower and breaks out, going to make her fortune and rescue her sisters, also stuck in towers. The boy (the 12 year old) really liked the section where they talked about how sexist/silly armor is for girls usually, though I'm not sure he got all the sly stuff for adult readers about Wonder Woman and Xena. 


It's definitely a first volume, introducing the principles and their relationships. It's not particularly deep, enacting a series of really pointed reversals, but that's ok. Sometimes it's nice to see just regular, everyday fiction act out a little story about a black girl making friends and kicking ass a little. She's not being all the black girls because she can just be this one. That's a victory in and of itself.