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Orc Romance lol

Honor Among Orcs (Orc Saga, #1) - Amalia Dillin

I downloaded this in a fugue state once I learned it was an orc romance. Orc romance! That is so unbelievably charming; I can't even. Obviously, all the good paranormal romantic leads have been taken, and I applaud the author for going off label. I ended up reading a little more than half when this thing got screwed up this one time, and I had to clockwatch. The quality was higher than I expected, honestly, though the stilted high fantasy prose style isn't my jam.


The setup was much more brutal than I'm used to seeing in your fantasy romance: the heroine is being beaten and basically sexual assaulted on the regular by her father, the king, and his toadies. She finds said orc in a magic mirror, they escape together, etc. I was also charmed to see Dillon knows her Tolkien: these orcs are understood to be elves altered by some sort of magic. They're the good guys here, of course, not the foul get of Morgoth. I earnestly thought it was funny what unbelievable dicks the elves are here, all superior and sneering, which isn't far from Tolkien either! Though he thinks that's just fine. 


Anyway, this was fine, though I'm not going to finish it. At about halfway point, the secret powers of the heroine are all Speshul Snowflake Activate!! And even though it's crazy obvious that mom was half elf and girl will become a sudden proficient in her powers, saving the day for all! Tra la la! 


Orc Romance. 


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