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The Waking

The Waking: Dreams End - Raven Gregory

Very, very cool examination of grief and consequence (which are often strangely absent from zombie fictions), which is marred by a completely jarring and thematically out of place oversexualization of all the women. Like, the narrator has a nympho wife (his words, not mine) who exists solely to flash us her tits and ass? I thought she was going to factor into the plot somehow given how much time she spent walking around nude, but she never ever does. It's so bizarre.  


They even hang a lampshade on how huge and overflowing the police detective's cleavage is, having her shoot down a creeper who works with her with a "quit looking at my tits." That sort of open acknowledgement that she's drawn super sexily for the professional job she has, that the artist knows you're looking at her boobs, just, that wearies me so. I'm not even pissed off or offended, I think it's boring and tired. No need for characterization, just draw a huge set of knockers. 


And in a horror comic! That's what I don't get. The central story, the mystery, has to do with a man broken by the loss of his daughter, and this just heartbreaking relationship with the reanimated girl. That part of the comic was great. There's some good gore and one really blue zombie. I guess I just don't appreciate what feels like stroke material interspersed with dead children and a literal bloodbath.


I dunno, maybe I'm just a joyless feminist and a boner killing prude. Lighten up! Literally every single story can be improved by some hot T&A, even if doesn't serve the story and is so tonally dissonant it fucks up the flow. The almighty boner must be appeased! 


Man, I didn't realize how bitter I was about how this kind of criticism tends to be met by comics assholes. But there you have it! The end.