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Dead Mothers

Scalped, Vol. 3: Dead Mothers - Jason Aaron, R.M. Guéra, John Paul Leon, Davide Furnò

Yeesh. Way too much for me. I mean, this volume is called Dead Mothers, for chrissake, it's not like I wasn't warned. But after closing this one up midway deciding I was done, I spent some time thinking about depictions of violence. I have a pretty high tolerance for violence in fiction, I thought, but this was decidedly too much. Which is kinda weird, because I'm pretty unfazed by certain kinds of gore. I like a good squishy bloodbath. Maybe it's that I like my violence at a metaphorical remove, perpetrated by zombies or alien parasites or whatnot, not this cycling reprisal in the most bleak of Native America. You can't come home again, boy howdy.