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Low Volume 1: The Delirium of Hope - Greg Tocchini, Rick Remender

Meh. The author's afterward was more affecting than the narrative, wherein he talked about not giving in to pessimism and defeatism. His main character was to be the eternal optimist. She is, but her obstacles are either manufactured, or so metaphorically on the nose as to be frustrating. I mean, it's true, no one likes an optimist, but no one actually says those words to them when they are sallying forth. And baddies who rub their hands together and monolog about breaking optimists and what fun that is are not, as they say, a thing. 


The art is often ravishing, and I mean that in the sense of both beautiful and a little rapey. Sometimes the art is cluttered, and action especially isn't that coherently rendered, but the underwater stuff is fucking great. I think I'm responding to the colorist mostly, who just did a bang up job on the blues and blacks. The women, unfortunately, are all half naked fembots, and so similarly rendered I got actively confused at who was who. Or possibly whom.