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Balanced on the Blade's Edge - Lindsay Buroker

Read as a stupid palate cleanser after I got my ass good and kicked by Planetfall -- Jesus Christ, that book -- and it performed its role credibly. And I'm not really complaining too hard when I say the following, but...


This is one of many bits of pulp fluff that I enjoy, but the premise and ethical situations set up and encountered in the novel are so dire, and treated so breezily, that I end up squirming in my chair a bit. A young woman, a magic worker, is buried along with her entire city in what I think is a terrorist attack. She wakes up 300 years later, preserved by magical means, after being found by miners under tons of rock. The miners, who turn out to be prisoners in a forced labor camp, attempt to rape her, but she gives them a funny rash. Funny rash! Good lord. Young woman has a lot of banter with a magical sword, and a romance with the man in charge of the camp (where she's posing as a prisoner, so, you know, that's a problem.) There's other stuff where I was like, hold the phone, what? 


The weird thing is, written out like that, this seems like something I'd put the knives into, and have in the past. Maybe I'm just not feeling as sharp today; that's certainly possible. But really, I think it may be this vague sense that the writer just kind of fucked up a bit, because she was trying to make some plot thing work, and didn't work out the full ramifications because she was so jazzed she found a solution. Like, whoops.