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Lords of the Black Dagger Clone

The Darkest Night - Gena Showalter

Read mostly like a Black Dagger Brotherhood clone, but waaaaay more problematic and much less fun. Instead of alpha vampires fighting poorly motivated eunuch zombies, we have immortals possessed by demons fighting poorly motivated...research organizations? You see my issue. There's even a nebulous panel of the gods like the Scribe Virgin and her cronies, and just like the Scribe Virgin they are functionally a random plot point generator, alternately handing out plot coupons and then rescinding them. 


Ultimately though, none of that is a problem for me. I'm totally down for whatever ridiculous angsty alpha male posturing paranormal romance can throw at me; that's the point of reading such a thing. My real issue is that the Lords of the Underword, as these demon possessed douches style themselves, are just terrible people who do real harm in the world. I want the evil...research organization (it just doesn't get less silly on repetition) to take them down. The world would be a better place with them out of it any way you slice it. 


Late in the book, one of the evil social scientists (heh) tells the heroine, who is clearly suffering from Stockholm syndrome, that the Lords murdered all kinds of people and they're gonna murder her. They would never! She exclaims. Except...they actually told her they did, like a lot of people, maybe even a couple of cities worth, and the first half of the book is spent with them arguing about whether to kill or torture her. (Letting her go or even making her a sandwich were not options they considered.) I get that it might seem more fun to make your heroes murdering sociopaths so that their redemption though ladybits and love will seem all the more stupendous, but there's a limit to how much I can take. 


Anyway, I see Showalter's name a lot, and I'm willing to give her stuff another go. I get the impression that maybe this is a misfire, and maybe she has a different series out there I might enjoy. Any suggestions?