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A Report on Damage Done by One Individual Under Several Names

Holy shit, you guys. The linked article is a link roundup and timeline for a SFF wank of epic fantasy proportions. The tl;dr: an up-and-coming science fiction writer turns out to be a provocateur and troll of note, who had been attacking people under a variety of pseudonyms for the last ten years. 


My two cents: one of her identities was a book reviewer Requires Hate, who apparently wrote some extremely vitriolic reviews. Her defenders (rightly) note that attacks on books are not attacks on the authors. However, Requires Hate and many of her pseudonyms DID attack authors, from whisper campaigns to straight up Twitter attacks. All the more puzzling is that Requires Hate is a lesbian woman of color, and she's had a distinct preference for attacking other women of color, up to and including leveling rape threats. 


Lots o' folk are trotting out the usual arguments against the use of pseudonyms, but I still think this is specious. Also, I am genuinely asking this question: does the linking of two (or more) online personae constitute doxxing? Nowhere have I seen the publication of her address or more personal identifying details (though that may exist), just the linkage of a writer's name to the names of several well-established characters. (I also can't even tell if the writer's name is a pseudonym too, honestly.) I've seen some folk refer to this as doxxing, and while my inclination is to say it isn't, I admit I haven't thought it all out. 


Anyway, you're welcome. You can easily lose an evening reading through this disaster, and props to Laura Mixon-Gould for such a thorough accounting.